Berwick Residential Home

Showcasing the installation of a skylight into an internal kitchen, with dome placement on a South side of roof and a drop of over 2mtres.

Residential Homeowner - Berwick Case Study

The Background

The house owners were tired of having to either work in a dark kitchen during the day or turn on lights to be able to complete simple tasks such as making a cup of coffee or getting breakfast ready. They knew they wanted a natural lighting solution, so they contacted us to discuss their needs.

The Challange

The main difficulty was that the kitchen ceiling was a long way from the roof line, over 2 metres. A traditional window skylight would not work and many other types of skylights couldn’t transfer enough light over such a distance. Our client was keen to implement a naturally friendly solution but without having to spend any money on building work or renovations to make it possible.

The Solutions Provided

We installed one ML400 SolarBright MaxLight Skylight into their Kitchen with a 2400mm shaft. The fact the dome was so far away from the ceiling created no problems for the Skylight, which still provided an amazing amount of natural light into the room.

The Clients Review