Bittern Residential Home

Showcasing the installation of two skylights, one skylight into an internal kitchen, the other into a family lounge area.

Residential Homeowner - Bitten Case Study

The Background

The house owners lived in a home overshadowed by trees from a neighbours garden. This meant that internal spaces got very little light from the existing windows. This coupled with the fact that the kitchen had no windows, meant their main living space was just too dark and dingy, even on the brightest of days. They knew they wanted a natural lighting solution, so they contacted us to discuss their needs.

The Challange

The difficulty was we knew that the roof would be shadowed by a row of 25 metre Pine trees along the neighbouring land on the Northern boundary throughout most of the day. Added to this, one of the Skylights required a 2.200 shaft to go from the roof into the Lounge, which was in the middle of the home. So we knew that the skylight would need to be able to deal with difficult lighting, yet still provide a stunning result every day.

The Solutions Provided

We installed 2x ML400 SolarBright MaxLight Skylights, one into their Kitchen with a 2200mm shaft, the other into their lounge area. The MaxLight series with its highly Reflective 98% Plus Miro Silver Tubes and Auroramax Diffusers had no trouble at all, producing the levels of light required, even when overshadowed by the trees.

The Clients Review