Solar World Solar Panels

America’s largest supplier & manufacturer of Solar Panels since 1975, now comes to Australia

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Solar World - Solar Panels

SolarWorld technologies are different because they are different. Their commitment to quality powers their success, and is why their solar panels consistently produce clean energy for at least 25 years—even in the harshest weather conditions. Your solar investment is only as good as a solar system’s ability to produce energy. Some might say they are control freaks, but they making “achieving maximum energy output through an obsessive attention to detail” our top priority.
Every Solar World solar panel undergoes stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. We flash-test then plus-sort, which is a fancy way of saying we do everything we can to deliver more power to you.
Here are just a few of the numerous tests that our solar panel testing lab conducts:

  • Salt mist spray for coastal areas
  • Snow and wind load testing
  • Hail impact tests
  • Corrosion tests

They have been ISO 9001 certified for more than 10 years, have never had a product recalled and guarantee the performance of their solar panels for at least 25 years.